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Thanks for Your Feedback

“Granville Golfland is a gem with incredible practice facilities along with an  expert team of golf professionals who are club fitting experts. Not only do they  have the widest selection of premium golf equipment in the area, they regularly  have demo days with every top company where you can literally try every kind of  golf club available on the market. Because of their demo days, I have been  exposed to some great golf clubs that I would have never consider buying before.


I am a former college golfer who doesn’t get to practice much  anymore, but I am still competitive when I step onto the first tee. So, I  believe that I need to make sure that I have equipment that is properly fitted  for me. Yes, I have received top-notch equipment that has helped improve my  game, but what I appreciate most about the club fitters at Granville Golfand is  their approach. They have love and respect for the game of golf. Rather than  trying to close a quick sale, they take as much time as needed to ensure that  you get into the right equipment so that you can enjoy your golf game to its  fullest potential.


Here’s an example…last year I was looking  to upgrade drivers. I made an appointment, and as they were monitoring my swing,  they could see that I had developed a few bad habits that were causing me to  miss both right and left. Instead of trying to sell me a club, they actually  encouraged me to work to get my swing back on track before making a decision on  the right driver. The club-fitting actually turned into a free lesson!! Then,  early this year, I went back and hit 14 different drivers, finally settling on  the Taylor Made SLDR 430. I hit more fairways this year and added about 10 yards  of distance.

If you want the best club-fitters in America, go  to Granville Golfland!”


Matt Parker

Newark, OH 


PS: I play Mizuno MP64’s with rifle  shafts, Ping Tour II Wedges, Taylor Made SLDR 430 driver, and mizuno fairway  woods and utility irons…all fitted for me at Granville Golfland



“I would like to tell you why I travel 200 miles to be  fitted by Jeff Jackson at Granville Golfland in Newark, Ohio.   Other  fitters/Professionals have you hit off a lie board, do a couple measurements and  look at your swing and speed and then will suggest something based upon what  they saw.   Jeff Jackson at Granville Golfland will spend a good deal of time,  using Trackman, to show you what is actually happening in your swing (yes the  real Trackman, not some cheap imitation).  He will explain why things like the  angle of the clubface at impact has an effect on distance and then help you find  the club to get the best  results.  Due to this I am now playing a driver that  provides me with both length and accuracy.   At 68 years of age I am playing  some of the best golf of my life and hitting the driver long and straight is a  big reason for my success. 


I have also had my irons fitted at Granville Golfland.   The great thing is that I have been able to try all of the different iron brands using the fitting systems at Granville Golfland.  This past year I switched  brands to another set of custom fitted irons. Being able to hit balls with all of the different brands and head and shaft combinations is important to me.  


Jeff has taken the time to make sure I get to test all of the combinations that might work for me.  I am proud to say I had my second career hole in one with a custom fitted 7 iron. (from 155 yards, not bad for a 68 year old.)  Thanks Jeff!


So my experience with Granville Golfland of Newark, Ohio has been outstanding.  Their knowledge, facilities, equipment make them the best clubfitters I know.”


Steve Conrad

Ridgeley, WV 26753

PS:  I am playing a Titlelist driver and Taylor Made Fairway Woods and Irons all purchased through Granville Golfland and I couldn’t be happier.



Just want to thank Jeff for all of the help picking out a Christmas gift for my wife!! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and she loved the new driver!!


The difference between the ‘sporting goods’ stores and Granville Golfland can be summed up in one word …. SERVICE!!!


Thanks again!!!!



“Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to share with you the first round with the Ping G20.  Played in an outing today at Eagle Creek in Norwalk and I have to say that this may be the best I’ve driven the ball since I started playing. As you know, my long game has room for a lot of improvement but today I only missed one fairway and actually that ball was only a few yards in the rough (I did have to punch out though).  The new club really gives me a sense of confidence on the tee and I feel that if I put a reasonable swing on it the ball will go where I’m aiming. Anyway I just wanted to pass this along and thank you again for the time you spent with me during the fitting. The Trackman fitting really helped me understand what I’m doing with my swing and what I need to work on during the winter. Great stuff!!”


Spencer Sala



“Joe is an amazing teacher.  Just one hour and I’m already hitting great again.”

— Stephen



“You always have the top brands in your Pro Shop.  Really helps to try them all out, with Jeff’s expert advice”

— Mark



“Thanks for the heated tees.  I like keeping tuned up through the winter.”

— Andrew