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Mini Golf News!

Golfland is pleased to announced that our Mini Golf Course has undergone more reconditioing. All the bricks outlining each hole have been realigned and re-mortared and every hole has been re-carpeted. We invite you to check out our new and improved Putt Putt course – the most challenging and affordable course in the arwa!

Granville Golfland Named Oban Fitter

Granville Golfland, River Road, Granville, recently was named as central Ohio’s only Oban shaft fitting center.

These fitting centers are rigorously accredited; only select sites are awarded the designation from Oban,

one of the leading high performance shafts on the PGA Tour. As an Oban fitter, Golfland now has access to all

of the golf shafts and fitting techniques used by PGA and LPGA Tour professionals.