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Golfland is proud to be a 4-Time Top 100 Golf Digest Club Fitting Center!!!  Equipment that fits you and suits your playing style definitely makes golf easier…in fact, players notice dramatic improvement after a Golfland Trackman club fitting. .One size, off-the-rack clubs simply do not work for most players – regardless of age or ability. We utilize a number of fitting systems to find the clubs that you hit best and that matches your swing. We fit all major brands and have fitting systems from Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade, Tour Edge, Wilson, Callaway, PXG, Cobra, Cleveland and Mizuno. And with our Trackman fitting system, we can determine specs for any club in your bag, including putter. We are the fitting professionals in central Ohio, having been recognized multiple times as a top 100 Golf Digest clubfitter and most recently as a top 100 Ping clubfitter.


Golfland offers two fitting options for both woods, irons, wedges and putters.  Related to woods and irons, Option #1 involves the use of our fitting carts with multiple head/shaft combinations.  With this option, we test a number of models and configurations and use fitter and player feedback to determine a best fit scenario.  The fee for this option is $50.00, all of which is rebated back with a purchase from Golfland.


Option #2 includes everything in Option #1 and utilizes Trackman to precisely quantify launch, spin and distance numbers to maximize club performance.  Trackman is the state of the art launch monitor used by major manufacturers and Tour players.  It is the most accurate monitor in the industry.  Golfland is one of the very few in central Ohio to utilize Trackman.  Trackman allows the player and fitter to very accurately make fitting decisions based on precise data.  Trackman also will allow a player to see what the club is doing throughout the swing, potentially helping him or her to make swing improvements.  The cost for Option #2 is $100 per iron or wood fitting; $50 of which is rebated with purchase in each fitting.


Wedge fitting is done much like wood/iron fitting in both options.  Wedge fitting is a no charge addition when purchasing irons.


Golfland offers club options from PXG, Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Tour Edge, PowerBilt, Mizuno, Ping and Cobra during its fittings. Additionally, Cleveland wedges are an option in wedge fitting.  We match all nationally advertised major retailer prices and offer an unmatched fitting experience.


Putter fitting Option #1 is a no cost fitting (with purchase) in which we analyze stroke type, ball and head position and grip preference in selecting a putter.  We utilize our inventory of putters, along with a number of fitting putter choices when making a fitting determination.  Option #2 is a $50 fitting charge and utilizes the new Trackman putter fitting software.  Trackman uses radar to determine which putter gets the ball rolling quickest and most consistently.  As with wood/iron fitting, the Trackman option better quantifies putter selection for a given player.  Putter models include SeeMore, Bettinardi, Cameron, Odyssey, Ping, TaylorMade, PowerBilt, Tour Edge and PXG.


Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a fitting, either at this email address or at 740-587-4147.  We are available seven days a week and fitting must be scheduled in advance.  A typical non-Trackman fitting requires approximately 1 hour for woods and one hour for irons, while a Trackman fitting I closer to 1 ½ hours for each.


If your clubs were hindering your performance, would you know it? Maybe, but probably not. Most golfers don’t recognize ill-fitting equipment or its influence on their scoring. It is definitely a wise move to let Golfland fit you the right way. Our vast experience in the golf industry (and specifically in the club fitting area of the business) ensures you’ll get the right fit for your capabilities, body type, and playing style. Why not come discover what a professional Golfland club fitting can do for your game?


Call us at 740-587-4147 or email jeffjacksonatgranvillegolflanddotcom.  To set up your fitting appointment or let us answer any fitting questions you may have.


Included in your Trackman Performance based Fitting:


• Set check & evaluation of current clubs

• All ages and abilities can be performance fitted

• Club testing for peak performance – outdoors so that you can see actual ball flight

• On-the-spot trouble detection of major swing issues influencing club performance

• Shaft hit testing and ball flight analysis to determine the best shaft for your swing

• Length. Lie and loft evaluation

• Grip sizing and choices for better feel and consistency

• Full equipment assessment to find your best fit

• Set makeup determination to ensure proper distance gaps in your set

• Wedge and putter evaluation to match your swing characteristics and course conditions

• Optional iron gapping for maximum performance


Putter fitting runs between ½ hour to one hour.