Back to the Basics

Easy come, Easy go. Here today, Gone Tomorrow. That was then, this is now. The right stick at times will save you on #9. All the cliché’s in the world can’t describe how frustrating it is to play like a champ one day, and a chump the next. Just when you thought you had this game figured out, you play twenty four hours later and all the feeling you had the day before has vanished.

There are a lot of things which can cause a sudden loss of golf memory. Are the conditions the same as yesterday? Weather, wind, and temperature are factors which can disrupt your normal game. Are you playing a different course? Maybe one you don’t care for or is intimidating to you. Are you playing with the same people? Maybe yesterday you enjoyed the other members of your group but today you’re playing with a couple of jerks. Did you spend too much time at the nineteenth hole after your fine round yesterday? Whatever the reason, you just can’t seem to hit a solid shot.

When you “lose it”, (and we all do) here are a few ideas I have for getting it back.

  • Go back to the basics. Check to make sure your grip, posture, and aim are all correct. Any change of the three could cause a sudden loss of feel.

  • Take an easier swing. Until you are able to get your rhythm back, hit an easy 7-iron instead of swinging hard at an 8. You’ll hit it more solid with an easier swing.

  • Think back to your past. What kind of things did you do to improve, the last time you “lost” your swing? What types of bad habits have you had in the past? Old habits can creep back in you swing without warning. Have you gone back to one.

  • Focus on your target. Don’t focus on hitting the ball. Concentrate on swinging smoothly and sending the ball to the target.

  • Once you’ve got the feel back, write down the swing-keys you’ve used to regain it. Carry your notes in your golf bag so you can quickly refer to them in time of need.

So there’s no need to cry over spilled milk the next time you feel you’ve “lost” your feel. Now you’re fully prepared to cross that bridge when you come to it.

Jeff Jackson