Swing or Equipment?

I have a Ping G-i5 9 degree driver with the Aldila Serrano 60 golf shaft,which I understand to be a reg flex mid high level ball flight. There are some days I absolutely crush the ball with this club, however there are days when I get a case of the rights and no matter what I do I can’t find the center of the fairway, I don’t know if its a matter of tempo or the shaft and head combo. I was contemplating changing the shaft out, but I am in a quandary as to which one to select, have you had any similar inquiries and or any suggestions. I swing a 5 wood approximately 82 mph.   Michael



It sounds like a face angle issue to me in that the face is not squaring correctly. Without seeing you swing, I can’t say if it’s shaft or swing, but the fact that you hit the club good some days and bad others might lead me to believe it’s the player, not the shaft. Stop in to Golfland for a session with our launch monitor that will tell you swing path, face angle and attack angle. These will tell you if it’s the club or your swing.



Jeff Jackson